Graveyard Stories - A dead sexy woman: Bettie Fever

October 20, 2013 at 7:39 AMVioletDeVille

CopyrightThe blood of a zombie is old and coagulated. It neither pulses to the rhythm of a beating heart nor warms the flesh; except in the case of the freshly deceased. Sometimes when the viral load reaches it apex and the amplification drives the shambling mass forward, the newly dead’s blood will begin to boil. The Northwest Territory and British Columbia were lost during the Rising and Bettie Fever is from those parts. Or rather she was from those parts. While she safely made it out of the hot zone, northern Seattle turned out to be not so safe and death caught up with her.

Witness Bettie Fever's own rising at Graveyard Stories on October 27th at the Re-Bar!

Tickets are $12 at Brown Paper Tickets and $15 at the door!

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