Precious Metal urges to you listen to Alpha State

March 6, 2014 at 10:27 PMVioletDeVille

CopyrightOut of our neighbor to the north comes a performer from the other side of the world. Hailing from Australia is Precious Metal, a 24 karat performer if there ever was one. You’re going to love her shining wit and the purity of her moves. With nearly 7 years of performance experience under her belt and membership with the award winning Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society we are certain you’ll be entranced by this gilded angel.

CopyrightOur angel of tease brings with her the sound of her home land, a little band called Alpha State. Formed in early 2003, Alpha State quickly rose to prominence in the Australian metal scene and gained a reputation for high energy live shows and the fiercest of attitudes. Drawing musical influence from the likes of Pantera, Metallica, and Iron Maiden. Sadly, in December of 2008, the band dissolved. On Saturday, we’ll take a listen to indie band that’s no more and celebrate their music while Precious Metal comes down to earth.

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Tickets are on sale now at Brown Paper Tickets through Saturday morning and at the door on Saturday night!

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