Worlds' End Returns for Year 3

June 18, 2015 at 8:54 AMVioletDeVille


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Once again the maelstrom has settled over Seattle and the winds threaten to tear apart all that isn’t secure. Come down to the Re-Bar to get out of the storm and stay for the stories. Join us for burlesque tribute to the creativity of Neil Gaiman. He’s written for comic books and authored many novels, movie scripts and teleplays. His stories have taken us from the lands of fantasy to the stars in science fiction tales. That is the just the beginning of what you may find waiting for you in Worlds’ End.

“Worlds’ End turns three and we’re celebrating,” said the show’s producer, Miss Violet DeVille. “With some new takes on stories we’ve told before and we have new ones that are eagerly waiting for you.”

Worlds’ End Burlesque Revue is July 17th and 18th at the Re-Bar.

Come see

Baby Cakes (from Port Angeles)
Ruby Darling
Whisper De Corvo
Miss Violet DeVille
Siouxzie Queen Gypsy (from Port Angeles)
Belle Pantysworth (from Vancouver, BC)
Alexa Perplexa
Mercury Divine
Miz Melancholy
Nickey Bourbon
Luna Nightingayle. 

Hosted by Lilith von Fraumench

Tickets are $20 to $40 available at 


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