Alexa Perplexa recommends Tilly & the Wall

March 4, 2014 at 9:25 AMVioletDeVille

CopyrightHere is a woman who is inspired by the goddesses Aphrodite and Artemis, transformation and metamorphosis, and the journey of self-realization. Here is a woman who is both fierce and sensual and able to invoke the full range of human emotion. Here is Alexa Perplexa and she is the Gregarious Goddess. She has been twirling and shimmying across Seattle stages since 2011 on a quest to uncover new experiences and expressions that will titillate, delight, and make you squirm in your seat.

CopyrightOne such new experience comes in the form of Tilly & The Wall, an indie pop group hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, whose addicting hooks are bound to please. And there might be a little too much coffee involved too. You'll love the double white chocolate mocha with extra tease this tantalizing barista will up serve up for you at IndieStrip.

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Tickets are on sale now at Brown Paper Tickets.

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